Our Services

Did you know that Dig Safe only marks out utilities that are owned by the utility companies? Radar Solutions International, Inc. provides utility locating services on both private and public properties. We can mark out utilities in real time or accurately map out large, complex areas with a geophysical survey, complete with detailed and accurate maps provided to you in AutoCad, ArcGIS and other formats.

We also provide cost-effective services to our contractors that help reduce job cost over-runs by avoiding costly repair and disruption of utilities; infrastructure related data acquisition and data interpretation; and archaeology related data acquisition, data interpretation and training services to clients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, along with all of New England and world-wide. Below is the list of some of the services we provide.

Utility Locating

-Electrical lines (60 cycle)Water and sewer lines Cast iron, steel, ductile iron and conductive pipes.
-Clay, reinforced concrete , asbestos concrete and other non-conductive pipes.
-Fiber optic cables and gas lines (tracer wire or frequency of fiber optics required).
-Floor drains, sewer lines and conduits within and below concrete slabs.
-Brick aqueducts, tunnels, ducts.
UST's (underground storage tanks).


-Detecting UST's, buried utilities, septic systems, etc.
-Optimizing monitoring and reclamation well locations.
-Delineating landfill boundaries and areas of illegal disposal of refuse.
-Detecting contaminant plumes and determining the migration pathways.
-Delineating bedrock topography, faults, fractures and weathered zones.
-Mapping stratigraphic and hydro geologic features.
-Producing bedrock profiles and contour maps.
-Monitoring the migration of contaminants.
-Leak Detection

Engineering/ Geotech

-Utility detection to avoid accidental death or injury and disruption of services.
-Bedrock and utility hazard profiling along proposed cable and pipeline alignments.
-Detection of voids beneath pavements, runways, pipelines, slabs and concrete structures.
-Determining the apparent resistivity of soils for substation design and sitting.
-Pipeline sittings and integrity studies.
-Location of rebar and delamination within concrete structures.
-Bedrock topography and fracture surveys.
-Depth to water table and saturated thickness information.
-Determination of concrete slab thicknesses.
-Bridge abutments and footing thicknesses and configuration.
-Verification of construction.
-Scour/bathymetric studies.


-Utility detection.
-Concrete Scanning.
-Void detection.
-Determining the location and depth of post tension cables and rebar.
-Detection of conduits within and below concrete slabs.
-Determining the location and depths of buried foundations, UST's and other below ground targets.
-Determining Concrete slab thickness and construction.
-Construction verification.


-Determination of pavement and sub base thicknesses of roads.
-Void detection beneath concrete structures, runways and roads.
-Location and depth determination of rebar and tendons in bridges.
-Mapping bridge deck delamination and deterioration.
-Location of concrete deterioration in parking garages and other structures.
-Thickness and configuration of bridge abutments and footings.
-Determination of concrete slab thicknesses.
-Verification of construction.


-GPR Depth-Time Imaging
-Electrical Resistivity
-EM Terrain Conductivity
-Seismic Refraction