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Industry/ Consultants


  RSI's partner in infrastructure evaluation; co-organizer of the GPR Service Provider's coalition and co-leader in combatting ultra-conservative NTIA/FCC regulations that are bad for small businesses.

Researchers in Geophysics Consultants
  RESEARCHERS in GEOPHYSICS consultants is a company formed by professionals of the branches of Earth science and engineering, are committed to the respect for the nature, the development consent and self-sustaining of mankind, we work under the highest quality standards and cooperate with companies working in the field of Earth Sciences.

Investigades en Geofísica Consultores
  INVESTIGADORES EN GEOFISICA CONSULTORES es una empresa conformada por profesionales de las ramas de Ciencias de la Tierra e Ingeniería, estamos comprometidos con el respeto a la naturaleza, el desarrollo consiente y autosostenible de la humanidad, trabajamos bajo los más altos estándares de calidad y cooperamos con las empresas que trabajan en el ámbito de las ciencias de la tierra.


Sub-Surface Informational Services, Inc.
  Sub-Surface Informational Surveys has been an industry leader in the field of ground penetrating radar since 1988; serving New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  

Blue Book    

The Blue Book
Building and Construction Network


Dig Safe  
Dig Safe

 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program MA/NH

  Women's Business Enterprise National Council

  Small Business Administration

Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce
 RSI is a proud member of the  Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

Academic Links and Resources

Bates College
MIT Earth Resources Lab
Colorado School of Mines
OpenGIS Symposium

Software and Equipment


  Manufacturer of GPR systems, member of the GPR Manufacturers' Coalition, combatting ultra-conservative NTIA/FCC regulations


Trimble GPS
Leaders in GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies


Geophysical Archaeometry Laboratory
  Creator of GPR-Slice, the world's foremost GPR time-depth imaging software package. RSI is currently and was the first commercial licensed user of GPR-Slice.

  Developers of high-end geophysical software products and advanced data processing.

Sensors and Software

Sensors & Software
Subsurface imaging solutions to customers worldwide

Leica Geosystems
Leica Geosystems



United States Geologic Survey
USGS: Topographical Maps
UNH: USGS Historic Maps of New England and New York