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About Our Company

    RADAR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC is a Massachusetts-based WBE/DBE certified firm, providing the highest quality, advanced geophysical services to archaeological, environmental, engineering, construction and infrastructure clientele and to government and communities (NAICS Codes 541360, 541330).

    With our state-of-the art GPR and other geophysical equipment and software processing packages, RSI is able to accurately image underground utilities, USTs, and other targets then present them as a final deliverable (maps) in AutoCAD, ARCGIS, Acrobat PDF, and Google Earth formats. We serve all of the United States, mostly within New England and New York regions, with offices in Waltham, MA and Albany, NH.  As our name implies, we also travel to provide GPR Services and Consulting/Training, as well as other techniques internationally.  Please contact us regarding our services or how geophysics can be used to solve a particular problem.

    President and Senior Geophysicist Doria Kutrubes, M.Sc Geophysical Engineering, has been designing and implementing GPR and Geophysical surveys for over 30 years, helping clients solve challenging problems. Ms. Kutrubes' expertise in ground penetrating radar applications are recognized both nationally and internationally. Her collaborations with experts from related disciplines have developed techniques to accurately image bedrock, bridge footings and much more by combining GPR and other geophysical methods.  Recently, Ms. Kutrubes completed assignments on two FHWA TRB SHRP II Initiatives, serving on the board to develop tool box approaches for mapping Concrete Deterioration and Buried Utilities.

    RSI's collective geophysical experience, and use of state-of-the-art equipment and interpretive programs, allow us to do advanced geophysical imaging of the subsurface, including locating underground storage tanks (UST's), utilities, toxic/hazardous waste, contamination plumes, structural reinforcement in manmade materials, deterioration in concrete pavements, bridge decks, and other infrastructure, voiding, and archaeological remains.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding using geophysics to increase productivity, and lower cost and liability for your projects.

    We use GSSI and Senor and Software radar equipment and currently own 5 GPR systems, including the newest Sensor and Software's Noggin GPS system

   We look forward to hearing from you. You can contact us at our main office by email at doria@radar-solutions.com or by phone at (781) 736-0550. You can also contact us at either one of our two New Hampshire offices: Albany, New Hampshire at (603) 452-7011 or in Bristol, New Hampshire at (603) 923-4980.