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About RSI

    Radar Solutions International, a Massachusetts based WBE/DBE certified firm, was founded in July 1996 by then sole proprietor Doria Kutrubes, with the purpose and passion of using geophysical methods to help people improve their living environment by using geophysics to detect sources of contamination and finding new, potable water supplies. Since then, RSI has grown from a one woman firm, to a five person S-Corporation; incorporated on 1/6/2012. Radar Solutions International, Inc. continues to provide the highest quality, advanced geophysical services to help a broad spectrum of needs for environmental, engineering, construction, infrastructure and archaeological clientele along with government agencies and our communities. Our services are classified under the Federal Government NAICS codes 541360, 541330, 561990 and include such services as:

  • Utility locating/surveying and mapping using GPR, EMI and other EM methods for entire sites where as-built information is unknown or inaccurate, or to clear individual borings/monitoring well locations.

  • Locating UST's, drums, lagoons and other sources of contamination using multiple geophysical techniques.

  • Mapping/tracing contamination as it migrates through the soil and bedrock using GPR and other EM methods.

  • Hydrogeological and landfill characterizations.

  • Water supply and water quality studies.

  • Bedrock depth and topography surveys for geotechnical assessment of foundation conditions or as part of locating the deepest possible area for construction.

  •  Foundation, footing and pier depths and condition assessments (cell phone towers, buildings, dams, granite block abutments, wing walls) using GPR and a variety of sonic methods.

  • Geotechnical assessments of soils and foundation conditions using seismic refraction and/or tomography.

  • Location of structural steel, rebar and post-tension cables in concrete structures, bridges and pavement.

  • Location and depth of conduits within and immediately below concrete slabs and structures prior to coring or saw-cutting.

  • Concrete condition assessment using GPR, impact echo and slab IR.

  • Void detection within and below columns and slabs.

  •  Structural assessment of concrete column, beams, girders, joist and structural slabs.

  • Geophysical surveys in support of archaeological investigations

    With our state-of-the-art GPR, geophysical equipment and software processing and imaging packages, RSI is able to accurately image underground utilities, UST's and other targets then present them as final deliverable (maps) in AutoCAD, ARCGIS, Acrobat PDF and Google Earth formats. We serve all of the U.S., but most of our business is within the New England and New York Regions, accessing jobs sites from our offices in Waltham, MA., Albany, N.H. and Dallas, TX. As our name implies, we also travel internationally to provide GPR services, consulting, training along with other geophysical techniques. RSI always welcomes inquiries regarding our services or how geophysics can be used to solve a particular problem.