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RSI- Case Study #5

Utility Mapping at a Liquid Natural Gas Facility in Northeastern Massachusetts 

    During the summer of 2014 Infrasense, Inc. and Radar Solutions International, Inc. (RSI) teamed up to locate and maps utilities at a Liquid Natural Gas facility in Northeastern Massachusetts. Utility detection was accomplished by using a number of methods; Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), EM-61 and EM Induction (EMI).GPR image of utilities


    GPR data was collected using GSSI's SIR-3000 and a 400 MHZ antenna that identified a number of features, within the survey area, to a maximum depth of 9 ft. (view animation below). Data was collected in a grid laid out in the survey area with lines spaced at every 2' x 5'. The collected data was then assembled in to a 3D grid using GSSI's Radan 6 for interpretation. The image to the right shows not only the clarity of the data, but also the many utilities located in the scan area. Click on the image for a larger view.  



Case Study 5

The photo above shows multiple utilities running throughout the survey site.


EM-61 data  

      Additionally, some of the features observed from the GPR data correlates with the data collected using Geonic's EM-61. In addition to the GPR data, the EM-61 located a buried re-enforced pad (340E, 180N). The combination of these two methods gave our client complete understanding of subsurface features.  

EMI data

   Complementing both the GPR and EM-61 data sets, is the use of our two EM Induction tools; the Radio Detection RD 8000 and the McLaughlin GX. By overlaying our EMI mark outs on top of our GPR and EM-61 results, we were able to classify the different utilities in the sub-surface.

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank Infrasense, Inc. for their assistance conducting the field work.