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Case Studies

Case Studies


  1. Search of the Lost City of Helike, Greece
  2. Use of GPR in 2D and 3D Imaging of Bridge Footings
  3. Use of GPR for Determining Concrete Deterioration
  4. Determining the Depth and Location of Possible Terminals, UST's and Utilities, Adirondack Region of NY
  5. Utility Mapping at a Liquid Natural Gas Facility in Northeastern Massachusetts 
  6. Leak detection at a university in Massachusetts's South Shore Area
  7. Concrete pavement detection on State Route 16 in Northern New Hampshire
  8. Geophysical Analyses of Valley Forge National Historic Park
  9. Prospecting for a Municipal Water Supply Using Multiple Geophysical Methods in the Adirondack Region of New York
  10. LNAPL Migration Study Using GPR and EM-61, Southern Massachusetts Site